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Council funding available for Rural Projects

Parish councils within the Borough of Erewash can apply to Erewash Borough Council for a share of the £62,500 Rural Grant Community Grant funding. This is available for each of the next two years, ending in March 2019. This funding must be used to meet the costs of new capital projects in ‘parished’ areas and local organisations and community groups are invited to help the parish council to identify suitable projects.

The parish council is seeking your suggestions and help to identify projects which can show a clear need by our residents and will deliver benefits to the community. Projects must be able to be completed within 1 year of funding being awarded and be self-sustaining. Unfortunately, projects cannot be for parish council ‘core’ business such as the maintenance and refurbishment of existing Parish equipment. Please also note, funding cannot be used for staff time, project management or general running costs of projects.

Local organisations and community groups are therefore actively encouraged to make suggestions and also be directly involved in the delivery and management of any successful projects they have put forward.

Please contact the Parish Council Clerk directly with your suggestions or for more information.

Further information about the Rural Community Grant Scheme is available on Erewash Borough Council website:

Or by contacting

Available to download:

Application form (Word version)

Funding Procedure (pdf)

Examples of previous projects funded through this scheme (pdf)