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HS2 Consultation

The Parish Council’s response

March 2017

HS2 Helpdesk - Freephone contact number

As part of HS2’s commitment to being open and accessible for our communities, you will now be able to contact their helpdesk team using a Freephone telephone number.  All calls are free of charge from UK landlines and mobile phones.

The number is 08081 434 434.  This number can also be found on their website

They have also introduced a new Freephone mini-com number for callers with hearing and speech difficulties.  This number is 08081 456 472


Does food in your cupboard go off before you can eat it? Do you cook too much food and end up throwing half away? Or come back from the shops with food you didn’t need?

If so, check out Derbyshire County Council’s guide to find ‘50 ways to make food go further’. It’s full of quick tips, brilliant tricks and an A-Z of ideas to make your food last longer which helps to reduce food waste and save you money.

You can pick up a copy at your local library or take a look online at  where there’s also a chance to win £100 towards your weekly shop.

Here’s 10 top tips:

Know your portion sizes. It’s easy to cook too much foods such as pasta and rice. Measure about 60g or ¼ mug of uncooked rice for an adult portion and use a spaghetti measurer to help measure out enough pasta.

Read more

Pick up a free copy from your local library or look up at where you can also test your knowledge in our online quiz for a chance to win £100.