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Clerk to the Parish Council: Mrs Michelle Bloor

Parish Council Office 19b, Doncaster Avenue, Sandiacre NG10 5FJ

Telephone: 0115 949 0456 Email:



Sandiacre Parish Council wishes to consult with residents and park users on how Springfield Park’s play area could be redeveloped to make it more appealing, welcoming and inclusive for all.

The Parish Council has recently been successful in applying for outside grant funding to develop the play area on Doncaster Avenue Recreation Ground and Councillors are asking for your ideas and suggestions to modernise the Springfield Park play area.

For example:

1. What do you already like about Springfield Park’s play area?

2. What do you dislike?

3. What age ranges would you like to see provided for?

4. What new items of play equipment would you like to see introduced?

5. What kind of play safety surfaces would you like to have?

6. Would new perimeter fencing or a new layout be more appealing?

7. Would you like to see a picnic area?

8. Should there be more seating and/or trees introduced for shade?

9. Would you like a theme for the park?

10. Should there be large structural play items or several smaller items?

11. How can the park be more inclusive?

12. What other comments would you like to make?

Once all the consultation results have been considered, plans will be drawn up for a new play area and outside funding will be applied for.

Thank you for participating in the consultation.

Please respond to the Clerk at the above address by FRIDAY, 26 JULY 2019