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Parish Councils will be informed of planning applications in their area

A view of Sandiacre village centre showing the village sign with the WW1 & WW2 memorial benchesThe circumstances in which Local Planning Authorities must notify a Parish Council or a Neighbourhood Forum are set out in Schedule 1, paragraph 8, of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and article 25 and 25A of the Development Management Procedure Order.

Where a Parish Council or Neighbourhood Forum is notified of a planning application, they must make any representations within 21 days.

The Borough Council can only take into account material planning considerations and will ignore all other comments.

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View of a barge passing along the Erewash Canal in SandiacreErewash Borough Council Planning Portal

Search for planning applications

The way you search for Planning Applications on Erewash Borough Council's website has changed.

The search facility allows you to search for planning applications by reference number or address and allows you to refine the date parameters to limit the search period.

For example, if you have the application number, the simplest way of finding it is to enter that reference into the “Application Number” search box. Don’t type the “ERE/” part of the reference number, just the numerical part.

Alternatively, to find any in, for example Sandiacre, type “sandiacre” into the Site Address search box.

It is then suggested defining a search period using the Date Valid From search fields – for example if you’re looking for recently submitted applications, enter a date a few weeks ago into the “From” box, and today’s date in the “To” box.

Then click Search. Give it a few seconds to find them and it should then bring up a list of applications received in Sandiacre between the two dates you’ve set.

The same principle applies for searching for recently determined applications, but use the Date Decided search boxes, not the Date Valid boxes.

Make sure you delete any previous search parameters before starting a new search as that could unintentionally filter results for you.

Although the previous website allowed you to search for a weekly list, this method achieves the same results and the new website does not currently allow a weekly list search in the previous format.

Derbyshire County Council Planning Portal

Search for larger planning applications